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  • The Book of Air

    I was about to write my promised piece on Anna Karenina, when my editor suggested that perhaps it would be a good idea to mention
  • Language and the Presidency

    I ended my last piece with a promise not to waste any more words on the self-publicist and arch-troll Milo Yiannopoulos. I break that
  • The unsolved mystery of Elena Ferrante

    Elena Ferrante is an Italian novelist in her 70s who has been producing published work for about 25 years. But it was only four years
  • The new plot against America

    In his novel The Plot Against America, Philip Roth imagines two years of alternative history for the United States.
  • The flawed brilliance of Bob Dylan

    Ever since he appeared on the New York folk scene, presenting himself as an anonymous exile from a place of no distinct identity – “My name it means nothing, my age it means less, the country I come from it's called the Midwest” – Bob Dylan has worked to elude definition.