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  • Stuck in the web: How ok is our digital life

    With every yang, there is always yin, and the Internet has its chock full of yin. When something as influential and far-reaching as the world wide web exists in our lives, you can bet there would be consequences, especially when taken to the extreme or in the wrong hands.
  • The Internet: Transforming every lifestyle

    The Internet has completely rewritten our way of life, revolutionising the concept of communication, and by extension, the entirety of society, to a point where that it is just about our only preferred method of communication.
  • 2020: The future is still not here

    Second, pat yourselves on the back that you do not have to fight against Skynet for your right to survive, as the nearest thing to A.I. is Google Assistant, and that fails to even set a reminder.
  • Completing your first house

    If you are the newlyweds that are about to kick off your new life together in a new abode, your first big-buys are not what you think it might be. Many assume that it would be furniture, but the fact of the matter is that the furniture you do end up with are either stuff you moved from your old home, or given to you by your family to start your new life.
  • One world one family

    Let’s get one thing straight from the start; carbon dioxide is good for the planet— in moderation. In the same way that eating some Puran Dhaka’r kacchi is good sometimes, but if eaten every day, your days are numbered.