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  • Hossain Zillur Rahman

    The writer is executive chairman of Power and Participation Research Centre and former adviser to the caretaker government.

  • Opinion: A time for truths

    It is 58 days since the first Covid-19 infection was recorded in Bangladesh. February now feels like a distant memory, even early March.
  • Women must have the right to choose

    First there was Mexico City in 1984. Then there was Cairo in 1994. Now there is Nairobi in November 2019. The global community has dealt with the issue of population in these mega-conclaves.
  • Poverty’s Third Frontier

    When Bangladesh gained independence nearly five decades ago, poverty was the default condition for over 80 percent of the population.
  • The truths about the budget that we fail to see

    The recently-concluded budget season had to play second fiddle to the cricket season. And why not? Cricket is about passion, budget rarely so. The new finance minister has a foot in both of these worlds holding, as he does, the Comilla Victorians franchise. Mr Mustafa Kamal
  • Are policy blind spots driving the urban mess?

    Accelera-ting urbanisation is the defining story of contemporary Bangladesh. Projections show that by 2050 urban population will overtake rural population. As Bangladesh hurtles towards its urban future, what a storyline of contradictory hues is unfolding!