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  • Hasan Meer

    The writer is a journalist at The Daily Star.

  • Sharing heritage over a meal

    Good food is personal and far reaching at the same time. It creates a bond, sheds light on values that are important to us, and reveals the perspective and way of life.
  • Need chakri? Rent a tukri!

    This is pretty much what Shahin Alam heard, when he arrived at Karwan Bazar in search of work.
  • The parrot card readers of Mirpur

    “Mithu! Hey Mithu!” calls reverberate along the length of the road in front of Shah Ali Mazar on a cool winter midday.
  • The guerrilla of Garo hills

    Every day at the break of dawn, Albert Mrong sets out from home on his bicycle with a bag full of medicines. He rides over the uneven terrain of Madhupur -- surrounded by banana orchards -- stopping at homes of worried villagers and giving them necessary vaccines and antidote for their cattle.
  • BIBI MARIAM: A saviour of the city ignored

    The bandits came through Buriganga. They were swift and ruthless, stealing goods and cargo from boats in open water and docked along waterfront piers.