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  • Hasan Meer

    The writer is a journalist at The Daily Star.

  • Undying allure of homegrown classics

    Stuck in an inescapable situation or pitted against a ruthless maniac determined to destroy the stability of the free world, what will our protagonist do, how far will he or she travel to save us -- these are the nail-biting cliffhangers that compel us to turn the pages of a thriller and finish it in one sitting.
  • Abul Barkat Memorial Museum: Of pride and inspiration

    “Did you know, like me Abul Barkat was a graduate of Dhaka University?”
  • The unrecognisable epicentre of EKUSHEY

    Vendors encroaching footpaths, garbage lying around, self-promoting posters on the wall and haphazard parking -- residents of Dhaka are all too used to these sights, and to a large extent have accepted these nuisances and eyesores.
  • Did I cast my vote? Does it matter?

    Inside the centre, eager polling agents were waiting to help people find the room to vote. They did not seem to want anything except reminding people to vote for “boat”
  • Sharing heritage over a meal

    Good food is personal and far reaching at the same time. It creates a bond, sheds light on values that are important to us, and reveals the perspective and way of life.