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  • Ghulam Muhammed Quader

  • Bangladesh Parliament

    Is our Parliament functioning the way it should?

    A few days ago, during a discussion with a foreign delegation inside the Parliament building, an important personality stated that the Parliament is the symbol of our democracy.
  • Political Parties in Bangladesh

    Political Parties in Bangladesh

    I congratulate Prof. Dr. Raunaq Jahan for her book Political Parties in Bangladesh- Challenges of Democratization. I would also like to
  • city polls

    A free and fair election may break the ice

    THE election schedules for Dhaka North, Dhaka South and Chittagong City Corporation have been declared. April, 28th is the voting date.
  • Governance and the politics of Islamic militancy

    SO far there has been no concrete evidence that Islamic militancy of considerable dimension has been developed in Bangladesh as yet.
  • violence

    Politics of violence: Probable remedy

    THE number one priority for any human being is safety of life and property. People live in a society and even form a state basically from that desire. Formation of government and financing of the same are borne by the people with the expectation that they would receive protection.