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  • Faiza Adil


    Among the hundreds of decisions taken by our parents before we had the maturity to really gasp and say stop, birth certificate tampering is one that really puts people on the spot sometimes.
  • “But, you’re a girl!”

    Sure, perhaps you’re a ‘liberal’ and you’ve evolved enough to not bat a sexist eye when you stumble upon a girl that for some weird reason plays video games – good on you, truly.
  • Women in Game Development

    Video games have been around for as long as we remember and so have gasps at women mentioning their interests in them.
  • Audiobooks to Get You Listening

    I mean, let’s be real, it takes a lot of time and commitment to finish a book. Especially amidst the teenage angst and constant impending doom in the form of pretty much any kind of responsibility.
  • Card games that aren’t UNO

    Don’t get me wrong, UNO is a great game.