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  • Emran Mahfuz

    Emran Mahfuz

    Poet and litterateur Emran Mahfuz Born on 10th October in Comilla district in Bangladesh, Emran is a son of a veteran freedom fighter Abul Kalam Mohammed Nurul Alam Khan and Bilkish Begum. He is the editor of the literary magazine “Kaler Dhoni” and Star Books-Coordinator in English daily ‘The Daily Star’. He has already published 7 books till 2019.

  • ‘Revolutionary change needed in existing systems’

    Prof Serajul Islam Choudhury, a leading public intellectual and academic of the country, talks to Emran Mahfuz of The Daily Star about the government’s handling of the impacts of Covid-19, inequalities and injustices in society, future threats and the need for reforms. The following is a translated excerpt.
  • A torchbearer of our generation

    Prof Serajul Islam Choudhury, a luminary in the field of our literature, has been influencing the spheres of politics, education and media for decades now.
  • ‘Masud Rana’goes to court

    Among the most iconic characters of popular Bangla literature, Masud Rana’s name is synonymous with that of its author, Kazi Anwar Hossain.
  • Eid in 1971: A forgotten chapter of the Liberation War

    The year was 1971. Dissent steadily brewing in East Pakistan. The enemy’s brutalities continued well into November. That November, people cried. But they dreamed of victory too. Then Eid-ul-Fitr arrived. How did Muslims celebrate this particular Eid, perched precariously upon a pivotal moment in history?
  • Participating in Bangladesh Youth Delegation to India

    For their seventh batch, Bangladesh Youth Delegation to India, which began in 2012, selected 40 young women and 60 young men in six months. This year, I was fortunate enough to be one of the members.