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  • What still needs to happen to win the fight against human trafficking

    In late 2019, we learned of the harrowing plight of Suma Akter, a Bangladeshi woman in Saudi Arabia who secretly recorded and shared on social media her story of abuse and exploitation abroad. In Saudi Arabia, Akter said, her employer beat her and at one point poured hot oil on her hand. Later on, when she fell ill, Akter said her employer sold her to another person for 22,000 riyals (almost Tk 5 lakh).
  • From Michigan to Bangladesh and everywhere in between, labour matters

    I grew up in the labour movement. I was born and raised in Flint, Michigan, a city so famous for producing automobiles that it was called “Vehicle City.”
  • We Can End TB

    We Can End TB

    Nine year old Sabbir was ill. For several weeks he complained of chest pain and had a bad cough, sometimes coughing blood. His