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  • Mahfuz Kabir

  • Why not 8 percent growth in the new fiscal year?

    The planning minister, during the signing ceremony of the Annual Performance Agreement (APA) for FY2018-19, expressed his hope that Bangladesh economy would be able to achieve 8 percent growth in 2019-20 and 10 percent growth by 2028-29.
  • Populist pursuit before elections?

    The Finance Minister has placed the national budget for fiscal year 2018-19 before parliament for “discussion” and “approval” by the house.
  • Can mounting inequality be stopped?

    Pre-budget discussion for the upcoming fiscal year (2018-19) is going on in the fast track. Even though the Finance Minister will present the budget in parliament after more than a month, business associations are meeting the Chairman of National Board of Revenue (NBR) almost every day.
  • Local government and economic empowerment

    The need for local government is stimulated by the rationale for transferring the authority, responsibility and resources from the national government to its field units, to enable them in decision-making, planning and management.
  • Expanding the Bangladesh-China trade frontier

    Expanding the Bangladesh-China trade frontier

    Despite positive developments in bilateral trade, there are certain gray areas and constraining factors disfavouring Bangladesh in optimising mutual gains from trade.