Dina M Siddiqi

Dr Dina M Siddiqi divides her time between New York and Bangladesh, where she is Professor of Anthropology at BRAC University. She is currently a fellow at the Center for the Study of Social Difference (CSSD) , Columbia University, New York.

Weaponising Paperwork: Rohingya Belonging and Statelessness

Most of us in/of Bangladesh have had to tutor ourselves hurriedly in the world of Burmese history and politics, in the face of “hosting”—almost overnight—what is apparently the world’s largest refugee camp. It is in this spirit, with no claims to expertise on the subject, that I have sketched out my thoughts in this essay.

Colonial Legacies, Capitalist Presents: National Interests vs Labour Interests?

The post Rana Plaza period is often seen as a turning point for labour organising in the garment sector, given critical amendments to the labour law, implementation of the Accord and Alliance, as well as the increased scrutiny of international pressure from buyers and others.

Ghosts of 1947

Bangladesh stands out in postcolonial South Asia for its strikingly anomalous relationship to what neighbours consider to be the foundational event in the region's modern history—the 1947 partition of British India.

Organising Labour under the Neoliberal Gaze

What are the prospects and limits of conventional modes of organising labour in the garment industry, given the current labour rights regime in

Feminist solidarity in neoliberal times

ANOTHER International Women's Day has come and gone. This year, my Facebook feed was jammed with passionate debates on the merits of the BBC documentary 'India's Daughters.'