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  • Of odd jobs and old perspectives

    For those who do not know, an odd job in Bangladesh is equivalent to a normal blue-collar job everywhere else in the world. In this country, it is generally associated with working in the hospitality industry or retail sector or driving a cab—jobs that are at times frowned upon and shrugged off into a category of its own with zero importance or worth attached to them.
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    Jahid is back with new songs

    Internet sensation Jahid is back with some new songs! He rose to fame earlier this year after a video of him singing by the shores of Cox’s Bazar went viral among Bangladeshis worldwide. Jahid came to Dhaka a few months back, and personally paid The Daily Star a visit and gave us all a splendid live performance.
  • OPINION: Police brutality at its worst

    We’ve all heard various stories of harassment by the “protectors” of our society but today I experienced it firsthand.
  • The story behind Jahid’s viral video unfolds

    Remember the video of the boy singing a local song with a tourist in Cox’s Bazar that went viral last month? Well, thanks to the musician in the video the story does not end there.
  • Are you a true Dhakaite?

    After living all these years in Dhaka can you truly call yourself a Dhakaite?