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  • Ashfaque Swapan

    The writer is an Atlanta (US) based freelance journalist.

  • Disney’s Aladdin and the appropriation of culture

    Impelled largely by curiosity and not a little by the inner kid in me that is still in awe of fairy tales, I went to the cinema to watch a Disney film, a pleasure I strictly avoid.
  • Iraq Redux?

    For those of us who lived in the US through the horrendous build-up to the 2003 illegal war on Iraq, the growing sabre rattling in the United States against Iran brings a nasty feeling of déjà vu.
  • US President Donald J Trump

    Make America white again

    With whisker-thin majorities, Republican candidate Donald J Trump flipped the Democratic bastions of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania to beat Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016 to become America’s 45th president. Obama-Trump voters...
  • Fagun Haway, based on the 1952 movement, is smart but not flawless

    Capturing political history in film

    We at the Seba Bangla Library in Atlanta recently screened Tauquir Ahmed's Fagun Haway (In Spring Breeze). The film, based on the 1952 language movement, is a mixed bag—while it truly soars in concept and approach, its execution is flawed.
  • Is his political mystique finally unravelling?

    The Trump Tamasha

    Way back when George W Bush was in the White House, comedian Bill Maher made a wickedly funny observation: How badly do you have to suck to lose a popularity contest to Saddam Hussein?