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  • Ashfaque Swapan

    The writer is an Atlanta (US) based freelance journalist.

  • Vive la Canada! Three cheers for our northern neighbour

    it is fair to say that given the political mess, leading Anglophone countries are drawing a mixture of horror and derision from the rest of the world. Both are richly deserved. While you’re at it, throw into the mix a queasy, disquieting feeling about a disaster waiting to happen.
  • The US presidential battle in 2020

    It is, when you think about it, a bit of a Faustian bargain for the Democrats. A few whiny Republican attempts notwithstanding, the Republican candidacy for the 2020 presidential elections is cast in stone, as it pretty much always is in the US when an incumbent is running for president.
  • How to impeach a US president: A brief primer

    The possible impeach-ment of US President Donald Trump is the talk of the town. However, many people, particularly those outside the US, have better things to do than delve into the minutiae of US politics and history. Here’s a brief primer on how the process of
  • Trump, Johnson and globalisation’s discontented

    One wonders with a resigned sigh: Is life not depressing enough? Here we are, in the United States, saddled with President Donald J Trump, the leader of the free world who on any given day can blithely contradict in the afternoon what he says in the morning.
  • Toni Morrison and Trump

    The passing away of Toni Morrison shook up America, well as it should.