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  • Skipping meals to survive the shutdown

    It was a depressing Tuesday for Kanchan. For breakfast she had leftover rice from the previous night, and did not eat a single morsel till dusk. She then prepared a meal for that night and the next day, calculating and measuring so she has enough food for the days to come.
  • Wholesale prices fall in Rajshahi

    Although retail prices remain unchanged, wholesale prices of vegetables and spice crops have dropped -- in some cases by more than 50 percent-- in Rajshahi markets, frustrating growers.
  • Rajshahi residents defy social distancing advisory

    With expatriates -- most susceptible to coronavirus -- continuing to return to the country, the authorities concerned in Rajshahi are struggling to make residents aware of social distancing for precautionary measures against the deadly virus as they keep on gathering at various places in large numbers.
  • Boat capsize in Padma River

    Padma Boat Capsize: Death toll rises to 6

    Bodies of five more passengers, including three of a family, who drowned in the Rajshahi boat capsize on Friday were recovered yesterday, raising the death toll to six.
  • Last trace of Ritwik Ghatak in Rajshahi being erased

    Authorities of a homeopathic college are gradually demolishing the ancestral home of internationally renowned filmmaker Ritwik Ghatak in Rajshahi city’s Miapara area, sparking protests from social and cultural activists across the country.