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  • Amir Hasan Shahriar

  • Work on one road ruining others in Ctg

    Chittagong City Corporation's yearlong development work on Port Connecting Road (PC road) is taking its toll on Dhaka Trunk Road (DT road), another major route used by the commuters, leading to its miserable state.
  • Eid shopping at its peak in Ctg

    With Eid just around the corner, people from all strata of life are thronging the shopping malls and roadside shops in the port city to buy their desired items.
  • Striving for a dignified life

    Pinki Hijra wanted to be treated like everyone else in society but her identity, how she was born in this world, always seemed to get in the way. Like every human being, she craved love and respect, but the world is particularly cruel to hijras.
  • Travelling 4,000km every year to feed the destitute

    Hasan Waris, an octogenarian Bangladeshi expatriate living in Kuwait, travels over 4,000km every year during Ramadan, just so he can feed the local impoverished iftar and sehri.
  • Vegetables, meat pricier

    Prices of vegetables and meat have soared in kitchen markets despite no reasonable change in wholesale prices in the port city.