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  • Aisha Binte Abdur Rob

  • How faith actors can help fight Covid-19 crisis

    The catastrophic public health impact of the Covid-19 crisis has sent the world reeling, but its full ramifications have only begun to unfold.
  • Cohesive education is key to continued development

    From being dismissed as a “basket case” at birth to being hailed as a “development surprise” for some years now, there are few parallels to the Bangladeshi development success story thus far.
  • ICC and Myanmar: Impunity ended or extended?

    The recent decision of the International Criminal Court's Pre-Trial Chamber recognising the Court's jurisdiction over Myanmar's alleged crimes against humanity has been hailed as breaking new ground in the Rohingya crisis and in the pursuit of international criminal justice more broadly.
  • From Transition to Transformation

    Choices of transitional justice mechanisms have to be sensitive to the practical limits of justice in a society transitioning from military