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  • Abu Afsarul Haider

  • Bringing population back into the conversation

    The relationship between population growth and economic growth is of great interest both for demographers and for development economists.
  • Key socioeconomic issues we must address to reduce poverty

    Poverty is a multifaceted economic phenomenon. Although dealing with the causes of poverty in Bangladesh is complex, the country has nonetheless shown impressive improvements and resilience over the years. Before the coronavirus crisis,
  • Why is tax-GDP ratio so low in Bangladesh and how to raise it?

    Despite positive economic growth in recent years, Bangladesh has one of the lowest tax-to-GDP ratios (9.3 percent) in the South Asian region. It is 23.1 percent in Nepal, 16.8 percent in India and 11.0 percent in Pakistan.
  • As the pandemic continues, the rich are getting richer

    The Covid-19 pandemic may have taken a heavy toll on the global economy, but the pandemic hasn’t been bad for everyone. While hundreds of millions of people worldwide have lost their source of earning and have become jobless, billionaires are getting richer than ever before.
  • A strong banking system makes a strong economy

    For the last several years, the banking sector in Bangladesh has been playing an important role in our USD 300-plus billion economy where banks comprise more than 80 percent of all financing activity.