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  • Abdul Wahed

  • Shapna Rani auto-rickshaw

    Woman at the wheel

    Shapna Rani presents quite an unlikely sight. She is a sight to behold behind the wheel of an auto-rickshaw in the rural neighbourhood of Kurigram.
  • Serene agri complex turns recreational spot

    Tupamari Bahumukhi Krishi Complex, a multi-purpose agriculture complex comprising a large picturesque pond
  • Bring FF's remains from no-man's land

    Martyred freedom fighter Prof Abdul Wahab Talukdar's family and local freedom fighters have urged bringing his mortal remains to
  • Asaduzzaman

    No obstacle too great

    When Asaduzzaman, now 27, from North Nagrajpur village in Bhangamor union of Kurigram's Nageshwari upazila, was eager to attend
  • Smart helmets with Motorcyclists

    Smart helmets could save lives

    Despite the law enforcement efforts, many motorcyclists in Bangladesh often ride without a helmet. Now an enterprising polytechnic