Puja Chery on her OTT debut, ‘Parapsychology’

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Puja Chery has been carving her space in the film fraternity with her acting prowess and accolades. The beautiful actress has just finished the shoot of the S A Haque Olike-directed government granted film "Golui", opposite superstar Shakib Khan.

In a candid conversation with The Daily Star, Puja opened up about her recent project, upcoming endeavours, ambitions, and more.

The actress will be busy with the dubbing of "Golui". "Working on this film has been amazing," shares the "Dohon" actress. She also spoke about working with Shakib Khan.

"I have had a great rapport with my co-artistes in every film. This is where I thought it will be really hard for me to get comfortable with King Khan!" giggles Puja. "After working with him, I feel that I have the best chemistry with him."

Puja recently completed the shoot of the film, "Psycho". On the other hand, her film, "Shaan" starring Siam Ahmed, is slated to be released on January 7.

"From next week, I will be shooting for Saikat Nasir's "Cash", opposite Nirab Hossain," adds the "Noor Jahan" actress.

"I usually dive deep on projects that have amazing scripts," she asserts. She will be making her web debut with Sumon Dhar's series, "Parapsychology".

 "I was thrilled to read the story of 'Parapsychology'.  Although I had no plans to work on OTT platforms, I couldn't resist myself." Puja will be sharing the screen with OTT king Shamol Mawla in this project. "I am not allowed to say much, however, the project is a perfect contemporary thriller, which is trending these days," she says.

As the "Poramon 2" actress has been earning critical acclaim for her natural acting, she wishes to play more challenging roles. "I look upon the roles played by Priyanka Chopra in "Barfi", and Deepika Padukone in "Padmavat".   


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