Parambrata, Aparna share preview of ‘Bhuban Majhi’

Writer-director Fakhrul Arefeen Khan’s film “Bhuban Majhi” was released across the county last Friday telling a story of how a simple man was inspired to join the Liberation War in 1971.

The film casts for the first time accomplished actor from West Bengal Parambrata Chettarjee and actress Aparna Ghosh. Star Live sat with the two stars and the director to hear their take on the film.

The film attracted Parambrata “because it is a movie on 1971 and at the same time it portrays the life of ordinary people.”  

Shooting the film was a big challenge for Fakhrul Arefeen Khan as the country’s landscape has changed drastically in the last four-five decades, and it became very difficult for him to show a Bangladesh of the early seventies.

To know more please watch Star Live’s video and join the journey of Bhuban Majhi.