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12:00 AM, May 18, 2018 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, May 18, 2018


Horrible road safety

I am distraught by the latest news of the deaths of Rajib and Rozina who succumbed to their injuries in gruesome road accidents. Victims of such fatal road accidents regularly appear on social media and newspapers, giving an idea of how horrible road safety is. Drivers can be definitely blamed due to their reckless driving and neglect of traffic rules. But how well have our relevant authorities been able to apply strict rules and regulations for traffic violations? Thus, most drivers aren't conscious of their reckless driving and continue to violate traffic rules in front of law enforcers.

Hardly a day goes by without fatal street accident taking place in some part of the country and in most cases, innocent people are the victims. Some days ago, The Daily Star published the results of a survey of the Passengers Welfare Association which revealed that at least 64 people lose their lives and 150 others get injured across the country every day. People's lives have become so cheap that even if dozens die in a road accident, the government is not bothered. I simply do not understand how the relevant authorities can turn a blind eye to traffic mismanagement when thousands of people's lives are at stake. Road safety is not a privilege, it is right for all citizens of the country.

Abul Khaer

Govt Saadat University College




A country of famished farmers

This is regarding an article published in the Star Weekend titled “A country of famished farmers” on May 4. Bangladesh is an agricultural country; its economy is highly dependent on farmers. In recent years, we have developed our agricultural technology and achieved self-sufficiency in food. But it is a matter of regret that we couldn't change the conditions of our farmers. They do not get enough price with respect to their costs due to our uncontrolled market conditions. The cultivation cost such as the price of seeds, fertiliser, diesel etc. is increasing day by day. Furthermore, we have insufficient cold storage and limited transferring facility. As a result, every year Bangladesh's farmers incur huge losses even with bumper crops. So, to develop our agricultural sector, I'd like to request the government through The Daily Star to take immediate steps to improve our farmers' conditions.

Mohib Billah

Islamic University



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