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PLATFORMS: Windows, PS3, PS4, X1, X360
Why was this game on my radar? Two reasons:
1. It was developed by Platinum Games, the very same developer of MGR: Revengeance.
2.  It's Avatar, it should be fun doing the bending stuff.

The story takes place after Book 2: Spirits. You are Korra, the Avatar, who has control over the four elements. Your bending powers were taken away by chi-blockers. Now you have to regain your powers, one element at a time, and stop whatever evil is afoot.
There are eight chapters, or levels, in all and that's about as much as one can take.There are no puzzle elements like in the old Avatar games. This is a straight up brawler with nothing else to it, at least not in story mode. After you finish story mode, you'll unlock Pro-Bending Mode which is… simply better. There are three tournament levels (difficulties) at which you can fight, each with five different teams. It is short, sweet, fast-paced and slightly challenging. But does it redeem the rest of this game? Nowhere near.

The game recommends the player use a controller and so do I. Guarding and countering can get a bit awkward without it. The controls cannot be customised, which makes the keyboard unfriendly.

The same three benders (a type of enemy) are recycled several times throughout the game with different colour schemes and you're made to face them as sub-bosses. The Legend of Korra follows a certain model that's been used and reused since forever. Try and follow me on this.

You remember those games they used to make from movies and cartoons? They were usually platformers. They had weak, negligible stories. You would need to break barrels, crates and jump to collect glowing orbs for points or whatever. Enemy models are recycled and reintroduced with different colour schemes to indicate higher difficulty. The greatest challenge these posed was a tricky double-jump scenario. Amusingly enough, the bosses weren't a joke like the rest of the game. Legend of Korra might have some nice graphics and fancy animation but at the end of the day (by which you'll have finished the game if you could stand it for that long) it is just a present day version of those games.

This is one of those games.
Verdict: I played this for your sins so that you don't have to. You may actually like this if you've never played video games or have no expectations.

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