Tighter asylum deportation rules take effect in Japan

Japanese laws making it easier for the country to deport failed asylum seekers took effect Monday, with campaigners warning that the new system will put lives at risk

1w ago

World's first wooden satellite built by Japan researchers

The world's first wooden satellite has been built by Japanese researchers who said their tiny cuboid craft will be blasted off on a SpaceX rocket in September

3w ago

Sick of tourists, Japan town blocks view of Mount Fuji

A Japanese town began mounting a large mesh barrier at a popular viewing spot for Mount Fuji on Tuesday, in an attempt to deter photo-taking by an ever-growing number of tourists

4w ago

Japan says Saudi crown prince visit postponed over King Salman's health

Japan's top government spokesman said Monday a planned visit this week by Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been postponed "due to the health condition of King Salman"

1m ago

Japan to introduce online booking for Mount Fuji trail

An online booking system for Mount Fuji's most popular trail was announced on Monday by Japanese authorities trying to fight overtourism on the active volcano

1m ago

Japan bread recalled after rat parts found inside packs

.More than 100,000 packets of sliced bread have been recalled in Japan after parts of a black rat's body were discovered inside two of them, the manufacturer said Wednesday..Food recalls are rare in Japan, a country with famously high standards of sanitation, and Pasco Shikishima Cor

1m ago

Snake on a train delays Japanese bullet service

Even small delays in Japan's much-vaunted bullet trains are rare, and more unusual still are snakes on board holding up the speedy "shinkansen" services

2m ago

Magnitude-6.0 quake shakes northeast Japan, no tsunami alert

A magnitude-6.0 earthquake struck off northeastern Japan's Fukushima region on Thursday, the Japan Meteorological Agency said, but no tsunami warning was issued

2m ago

Japan court says gender change sterilisation rule unconstitutional

Japan's top court said on Wednesday that requiring transgender people to be sterilised in order to change their legal gender was unconstitutional

7m ago

One in 10 Japanese are older than 80: government data

More than 10 percent of Japanese people have crossed 80 years or older for the first time, new official data showed, as the nation faces a rapidly greying population

9m ago

Japan launches 'Moon Sniper' mission

Japan's "Moon Sniper" mission blasted off Thursday as the country's space programme looks to bounce back from a string of recent mishaps, weeks after India's historic lunar triumph

9m ago

Japan city to use robots to tackle school truancy

A Japanese city plans to use robots to enable pupils to attend classes virtually, as truancy rates surge due to anxiety and bullying, officials said yesterday.

9m ago

Toyota to halt operations at all Japan assembly plants due to system failure

Toyota Motor Corp will suspend operations at all of its assembly plants in Japan from Tuesday afternoon due to a malfunction with its production system, it said, likely bringing domestic output to a standstill for the world's top automaker

9m ago

China halts all Japanese seafood imports over 'selfish' Fukushima release

Chinese customs on Thursday suspended imports of all "aquatic products" from Japan over the release of wastewater from the Fukushima nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean

10m ago

Japan releases Fukushima water into the ocean, prompting criticism, seafood bans

Japan on Thursday started releasing treated radioactive water from the wrecked Fukushima nuclear power plant into the Pacific Ocean, a polarising move that drew fresh and fierce criticism from China as being "selfish and irresponsible"

10m ago

Japan marks 78th anniversary of Hiroshima atomic bombing

Hiroshima Mayor Kazumi Matsui called out the nuclear deterrence policy of G7 leaders as "folly" at the memorial ceremony of the atomic bombing that was also attended by Japan Prime Minister Fumio Kishida

10m ago

Typhoon Khanun kills one, knocks out power to one-third of Japan's Okinawa homes

High winds hit power lines in Japan's popular tourist destination Okinawa, knocking out electricity to more than 200,000 households on Wednesday morning, as powerful and slow-moving typhoon Khanun neared the country's southwestern islands

10m ago

Japan sees record drop in population

Japan’s population fell by a record in 2022, government data showed yesterday, as the country struggles to reverse its perennial low birthrates.

10m ago
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