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The eyes have it

We often spend hours blending out five different eye shadows and perfecting the winged liner, but how often do we actually spend 15 minutes behind this critical organ's health? 

Looking with them, we tend to overlook them a lot, and over time our eyes become drained, tired, dry and wrinkly, to the point of no return.

There are numerous things that affect our eye's health, from the small things such as sunlight to bigger issues like smoking. All it takes is a little guidance and follow up to keep these precious organs healthy inside out. 

Sunlight is one of the major causes our eyes suffer. Too much sunlight naturally makes us squint, which leads to crow's feet under the eyes. This eventually becomes a habit and we tend to squint outside even when there is not as much light. 

Squinting or shrinking our eyes over time can permanently make it that way which strains out our eyes leading to premature wrinkles. The clear solution is to wear sunglasses, which not only helps but looks great too! 

Lots of people avoid sunglasses for their long or short sightedness, in this case prescription sunglasses can suffice, or speaking to an eye specialist to change up the lens in our glasses to fit our needs.

Often, after wearing our contacts or spectacles for hours, we get tired and try to function without them. To some it might feel like giving our eyes a break, whereas we are actually doing more harm than help. Prescription glasses mean we have long or short sightedness, so it is always best to keep them on, especially when working with details or screens to avoid putting strain on the eye muscles. 

In today's tech savvy world, where not a minute goes by without staring at a fluorescent screen, it is pretty easy to hurt our eyes. Staring at screens for long periods of time can again make us squint without even realising it, and over time can dry out and tire the eyes. 

The solution is to blink voluntarily every few minutes, as staring at bright lights slow down blinking rates which is what makes the eyes dry. Some people like to follow the 20-20-20 rule, where you look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. People who have to stare at screens for long periods of time should exercise this rule and seek advice from eye specialists for spectacles and artificial tear drops to lubricate the eyes. 

Last of all, the best health comes from within the body. A healthy vitamin diet containing lots of green leafy vegetables along with proteins such as fish can help protect eyes from the inside out to encounter any damage that comes its way. 

Prevention is always better than cure; with the hazardous and polluted environment around us it is always best to get regular checkups with eye specialists even if problems do not surface. Oftentimes, one eye adjusts to make up for the lack in the other, and problems come out at the last stages when curing is critical. Also getting a pair of spectacles or lens does not always mean you have bad eyes, sometimes certain ones are prescribed to be used in the sun, or when reading or using a computer such as tinted or photochromic glasses. 

So make appointments, check up with your doctor, and make sure to put as less pressure on these windows to our souls as possible to keep them at their best. 

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