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    The writer is a communication for development professional. He can be reached at

  • Coronavirus and the deadly cost of state censorship

    From its epicentre in China’s Wuhan, the deadly novel coronavirus has spread across the globe at tremendous speed, taking a heavy toll on human life.
  • Localised Digital Service Tax: Points to ponder

    Global trade is being disrupted by the tax disputes over technology giants who mostly operate from Silicon Valley.
  • Taxing the technology giants

    There is little doubt that technology will drive everything in the coming days. The developed world is witnessing an artificial intelligence-driven transformation of technology, earlier than us—but we are also embracing it.
  • Muzzle me not, no impunity

    Each year journalists, news media and supporters of free and independent journalism across the world celebrate November 2 as a red-letter day for journalism.
  • Abrar killing: When democracy fails to deliver

    The beauty of democracy is that it provides space to anyone; irrespective of the social or economic status of a person they can assume power and with it can do an enormous number of good things that can benefit the society as a whole. But it has a dark side as well: