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  • Abdul Wahed

  • That’s how the light gets in

    Two book shelves, two tables and a couple of chairs in a tiny tin hut may not strike a city dweller as much of a library.
  • Kolichun faces threat of extinction

    Producers of kolichun, slaked lime made from oyster shells, are leaving their traditional profession due to low demand of their product and high cost of production materials.
  • Fun and learn

    Not a single moment is wasted inside the Bhitarband Shishu Park in Kurigram’s Nageshwari upazila.
  • A jewel named Manik

    Education is dropped down the list of priorities when survival tops the list for many children having disabilities from birth.
  • Flood-hit Aman growers opt for early Robi crops

    A good number of traditional Aman farmers in Kurigram are going to cultivate Robi crops early to recoup their loss caused by the recent floods.