Ferdous-Meem go underwater for TVC

Ferdous and Meem
Ferdous and Meem

Film stars Ferdous and Meem wrapped up a lavish shoot for a TV commercial on Thursday, at a five-star resort. Ripon Nag directed the TVC for a development company, which was shot at Srimangal's Grand Sultan Tea Resort. Mim informed that the commercial is about a newlywed couple, while Ferdous called the work 'romantic'.

The duo also supposedly shot underwater at the swimming pool of the resort. Mim said it was a challenge for her because she can't swim, but added that Ferdous' support made it easier for her. The TVC is slotted to release in TV channels before Eid. 

Ferdous, fresh off the Tele-Cine Award from Kolkata, is mulling his second production venture (after “Ek Cup Cha”), while Mim has her hands full with big-screen projects. Her new film “Poddo Pata'r Jol” -- which Mim says is her 'dream film' – is set to release this Eid, where she appears opposite Emon.

She has also completed shooting for Wajed Ali Sumon's “Sweetheart”, where she will share screen space with Bappi. Mim also has an Indo-Bangla joint venture film in the pipeline in September. The yet-to-be-titled film will also cast Kolkata film actor Soham Chakraborty. 


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