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A tale of two sisters

Laila Hasan and Daisy Ahmed
A Correspondent

Star siblings Laila Hasan and Daisy Ahmed are an upbeat duo. Laila a well known dancer and actor, is married to veteran actor Hasan Imam, while Daisy Ahmed, wife of noted actor Bulbul Ahmed, is a singer and actress. Laila and Daisy shared little known tidbits about their great bonding:  

Where did you spend your childhood?

Laila Hasan: We are seven siblings. Though we grew up in Dhaka, we stayed in various places before we settled down here, because of our father's profession.

What is the relationship like between you two?

Daisy Ahmed: I am closer to her than my other brother and sisters, as we are immediate siblings. We used to do everything together, though we did have arguments every once in a while. Even today, we share the same taste in clothing and many other things.

Any childhood story you want to share?

Laila Hasan: My sister used to be skinny and I was the chubby one. While sitting in a rickshaw she always refused to keep me on her lap and vice versa. We still enjoy a good laugh when we recall those times. 

Have either of you received a scolding on account of the other?

Laila Hasan: Since our childhood, she has always been a good student. I was constantly scolded because of this.

Daisy Ahmed: My sister was known as the calm and quiet one. She always wanted to share my dresses, which I never liked. I used to get a thorough scolding from my mother because of my furious reactions.

Why did one of you choose to be a singer and the other a dancer?

Daisy Ahmed: I chose singing over dancing because Laila is more energetic and enthusiastic. Plus singing takes less physical effort.

What do you like most about your sister?

Laila Hasan: Her spirituality. Since our childhood, I have appreciated her spirituality and her caring temperament which bound all of us in a common thread.

Daisy Ahmed: Her down-to-earth behaviour amazes me. She is caring and loving even though she is very much an introvert. 

What is your view regarding new generation dancers and are you still linked with dancing?

Laila Hasan: I hold a very positive view because the new generation is very advanced and keen to explore. Moreover, now I am advisor of Bangladesh Nritya Shilpi Shangstha plus I maintain a dance troop that performs in various places.

How did you join acting? Are you still working?

Daisy Ahmed: I started acting during my college days. Subsequently, the interest kept growing as I studied Bengali literature. After getting married, I got the opportunity to work for my husband's production house. Eventually I got associated with various projects produced by various organisers. Recently, I have worked in various series such as “Aw er golpo”, “Pogga Paromita”, “House Full”, “Radio Chocolate” and others. Other than that, I perform at Bangladesh Betar as well. 

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