Style Evolution: Shakira

Over the years, Shakira has given us many hits like 'Whenever Wherever', 'Hips Don't Lie', 'Loca', etc. She is also the reason many of us wanted to learn belly-dancing when younger! While she celebrates her 40th birthday, let us have look at the superstar's style evolution throughout the years.


Aly Zaker is a multi-talented influential artist. He adds new meaning to the word 'Star' by playing characters with such influence that it would often surpass the lead role in a production.


Sharmin Lucky came under the limelight from co-hosting the cooking show 'Siddiqua Kabir's Recipe'.

Style Icon - Konal

Somnur Monir Konal came to the limelight in 2009 after winning the 'Channel i Shera Kontho' Competition. Her first album 'Konaler Jadu'

Style Icon - KONA

Most of the voiceovers you hear on television commercials or jingles in Bangladesh is most likely voiced by Dilshad Nahar Kona, the woman with an amazing voice.

Style Icon - Shokh

Anika Kabir Shokh is a bombshell of an actress who's been winning hearts ever since she appeared on screen back in 2002. In the last decade...

Style Icon Arnob

One of the most talented musicians in the country and an internationally recognized one too, Arnob is a man with many interests.

Style Icon / SHIMLA

Shimla, one of the most promising actresses of Bangla cinema, made her way from a small town of Jhinaidah to Dhallywood and fulfilled her long

Style Icon - Balam

Is one of the most popular solo artists in the country. Small wonder when you consider the fact that he was the front man and lead...

Style Icon - Bijori Barkatullah

Bijori Barkatullah has been an actress, singer, dancer and model of Bangladeshi media for over two decades. She started acting with the drama...

Style Icon - Mila

Known for her signature on-stage flair and vivacious performances, Mila is a household name in the folk-fusion genre of Bangladesh.

Style Icon - Ishana

This beauty may have started out as a model, but soon, all eyes were on her and she started to appear in television and before long...

Style Icon - Peya

A model whose fame isnt only limited to Bangladesh, Peya can simply be defined as bold and beautiful. Only a strong and determined woman would have the courage to take on the industry and win their hearts so quick.

Style Icon - Liza

Very few artists can create a buzz so great that they are known by the name of their work, and Liza is one of those rare few.

Style Icon - Ferdous

Ferdous is a name to be reckoned with in the industry. Ever since his debut performance in the Kolkata film Hothat Brishti, he has been ruling the industry with sweet charms, princely looks and splendid roles in films.

Style Icon - Mithila

Our pick for the Showbiz Style Icon this week is the beautiful and talented Mithila. From the time we first heard her voice singing alongside Tahsan in the hit Brittalpona, we knew this lady has potential.

Style Icon - Farah Ruma

TV was Farah Ruma's domain. That's where she rose to fame and that's where she has scores of adoring fans. Like other talented...

Style Icon Tahsan

Tahsan really needs no introduction. It'll be very hard to find anyone in the country who hasn't heard of him. His introduction into the music scene was met with massive positive response and his popularity continues to rise today.