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Amit's Ambitions

Emerging actor Amit Sinha has made a name for himself in the showbiz industry with his entertaining performance in the popular mega TV series, ‘Saat Bhai Champa’. In this candid interview with Rafi Hossain, Amit talks about his love for acting and his future plans.

RAFI HOSSAIN: Welcome to uncensored with Rafi Hossain. Today, we are here with Amit Sinha. Thank you, Amit, for your time. So, tell me, you’re primarily a model?

AMIT SINHA: I used to be one. I started back in 2005 and continued until 2010. I then returned to my profession as a doctor. I worked as a doctor until 2014, when I made my comeback as both a model and an actor. Now, I’m planning on continuing acting.

RAFI: When did you want to start acting?

AMIT: At the beginning of my career, I was not interested in acting. I was content just walking the ramps. My transition to movies happened quite suddenly. In 2014, I was working full time as a doctor. One day at a school reunion, I ran into an old friend of mine, Khizir Hayat, a director. He directed the film Jaago. We were chatting for some time when he casually told me that his next project needed a lead actor. He then proceeded to ask me if I wanted to do it. I agreed.

RAFI: Did you do the film with him?

AMIT: The film’s name was Protiruddho. We only filmed around 35% of it before it got cancelled. When filming started, I kept on looking for a sign that proved this was where I was meant to be. We did script readings, action sequence trainings, and then headed to shoot the film. On the first day of shooting, we went to Chawkbazar in Old Dhaka. The scene we went to shoot was supposed to be with me inside a car. The car was covered with a cloth, and as soon as the director yelled, “Action!”, the cloth was to be removed and the cameras would start rolling. I was waiting in the car for some time, and then I heard the director yell. As the cloth was removed, I found almost 500 people gathered to see the hero of the film. They didn’t know who it was, but they still wanted to see him. This was the sign I needed, and my heart knew that too.

RAFI: But after that you didn’t do anything else. Why not?

AMIT: The shooting began in 2015 and abruptly ended in the middle of that year. I didn’t do anything after that because I felt as if my dreams were shattering in front of me. That made me depressed. And from that, came the idea that if I was to do something, it would be movies.

RAFI: Did you try to do movies afterwards?

AMIT: I did a few photoshoots afterwards. I had taken the appearance of the character I was playing, and kept that style for two years. Then I decided that it was time for a change, so I grew my hair out. And then suddenly, Saat Bhai Champa happened. A friend of mine suggested to go and audition for it. So, I did. I knew that most of the main characters, including the one I’m currently playing had been casted. A week after the audition, I met the director and he asked me where I had been all these days. He told me that if I had auditioned earlier, I would have gotten a good role, but he was still keeping me in the shortlist. After 15 days, I was called to come and meet the director. They informed me that I was getting the role. The audition I had given was neutral, meaning, not for any specific character. So, I had to audition a couple more times.

RAFI: So, what kind of response did you get after the TV series was aired?

AMIT: The response was good. The thing about me is, I have not been in the media for long. And since I came to the scene out of the blue, many assumed that I’m Indian. So, I would like to clear this up by saying that I am not an Indian actor.

RAFI: Why do people assume that you’re Indian?

AMIT: I don’t know. Maybe for my looks or something. And also because I haven’t been in the media for long, and during that gap my looks may have changed.

RAFI: Are you more interested to work in television

or in films?

AMIT: I want to work in films professionally. Whenever I talk with filmmakers, I tell them that I want to do this seriously. I guess I am not very good at relaying information about how serious I am about working in the film industry. But, when I start talking to someone, I always tell them just how much I want to do it.

RAFI: I see many people hesitant to tell filmmakers about how eager they are. Why is that?

AMIT: I don’t know why most don’t do it. But I personally can’t do it because I am an introvert to a certain extent.

RAFI: But now, you are quite an established actor.

Do you still face problems because of this?

AMIT: Now, I can just tell a filmmaker that if they want, I’m up for doing a film with them. But, earlier in my career, I didn’t have the ground to do that. After my first film got cancelled midway, I realized that I was required to make a portfolio to get roles. Now I have one, but back then, I did not.

RAFI: Who are your favourite film directors?

AMIT: My favourite directors are Amitabh Reza, Shihab Shaheen, Dipankar Dipon and my friend Khizir Hayat. I would like to work with these directors. I think they make interesting films.

RAFI: Did you guys need dubbing for ‘Saat Bhai Champa’?

AMIT: Yes, we needed dubbing for some scenes, especially the outdoor ones. Sometimes, we had background noises when we were filming on set. We had a fountain on our set, so we required dubbing for those scenes as well. I required dubbing form the beginning, since I had to train my voice to play my character. I had to practice constantly. I used to have trouble finding the appropriate voice for a scene. Dubbing helped, as the girl who coordinated the dubbing helped me improve the delivery. She helped me a lot.

RAFI: Who are the female actors you want to work with?

AMIT: This is an awkward question to answer. I want to work with Purnima Apu, as I have found her to be quite cute. And for TV, I want to work with Aupee Karim. From actors of the current generation, I am open to work with anyone. I had a great understanding with my Protiruddho co-star, Naushaba. When we did photoshoots, people said we looked good together. She is a brilliant actor, and I would like to work with her again.

RAFI: So, in ‘Saat Bhai Champa’, you had a lot of queens. Who was your favourite?

AMIT: All of them were my favourites. As the king, I could not pick a special favourite as it would have caused domestic disorder among us. (laughs)

RAFI: So from the acting perspective, who is the best?

AMIT: All of them had been amazing. Everyone gave it their best.

RAFI: The television is losing audience in Bangladesh. What kind of response did you receive for ‘Saat Bhai Champa’?

AMIT: I mainly received positive response from the people living abroad. People watched the drama on YouTube.

RAFI: So, does this mean that

television is dying?

AMIT: No, television is not dying. People are so busy these days that they don’t find time to watch shows when they are on air. That’s why they wait for the YouTube videos to come out. The TV audience here is also more interested in watching Indian shows instead of the Bangladeshi ones. People prefer to watch Indian channels because their production and marketing are on another level.

RAFI: Why do you think this is happening?

AMIT: This has happened over a long period of time. Back when there was only BTV, the streets used to be empty when a show was on. But, with the passing of time, the quality of their programs took a downturn. Don’t get me wrong, I mean no disrespect to anyone. And, people’s tastes also changed, so people started looking for different things to watch. As a result, channels from other countries became popular. Its high time now to try and make our TV shows better to regain its former glory.

RAFI: Do you have any message

for your fans?

AMIT: Please watch

Bangladeshi channels.

Everyone is trying their best to make better shows.

RAFI: Thank you Amit for your time.

Transcribed by Ridwan Intisaar Mahbub


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