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12:00 AM, July 23, 2020 / LAST MODIFIED: 01:11 AM, July 23, 2020

It’s a frozen fascination

There is no denying that all our childhood memories now hold deeper significance in our lives. Perhaps the most important one has been the one right in front of us all this time.

Most of us have at least once heard the infamous phrase, "You scream, I scream, we all scream for... Ice cream!" Until very recently, the impact of this little phrase did not altogether hit me. Yet, as I craved for a few particular flavours of ice cream, cringed at the thought of other meddlesome flavours, realisation meanwhile did a pretty little walk and sat down in front of me, eyes fluttering and lips pouting, with her hands folded in patient anticipation.

This is when I realised that ice cream is really just our own embodiment of love. It sounds absurd. Laughable, too. But rings absolutely true as a fact. Think about it; do you really love the same flavours now, that you did when you were 12? Or has your taste palette evolved, so to speak?

Ice, Ice, Baby

One word—ice lolly. Wait no, that's two words actually. You see? Just the word(s) itself messes with your mind, much like your childhood puppy love. Everything about ice lollies is summer in a box, where Accidentally In Love is being played on repeat in the background. Ice lollies are almost always the first-ever ice cream item that you taste as a child, so that brain freeze is naturally inevitable. As you grow older though, it is not that you start to dislike the lolly, you just overcome the fascination from it.

Cornelli Crushes

The same waffle cone topped with different flavoured scoops. Sound familiar? For those of you who ride fast in the crush lane, you are well affiliated with the idea of enjoying that waffle cone in varied doses. Some days, it is a caramel scoop and on other days it is vanilla with that crusty chocolate bit. It is also no surprise that the ending is always the same; a tiny, chocolate portion at the pointy end of the cone, waiting to be consumed fast. Soon enough, the cone is gone, and so is your crush.

Double Chocolate Fudge

Did you feel that guilty yearning stir inside you? Don't worry, we have all been there. Lollies and cones may be great, but it holds no weight in front of a double chocolate fudge scoop, just like your first love. The best part is realising that the deeper you dig into the scoop, the more you love it. Sure, you may be wary of the intensity initially but soon enough, all that rationality goes out the window. So what if it could potentially lead to diabetes, or even worse health issues? In the grand scheme of things, it is always worth it.

Double Scoops

Oh dear, this is a tricky phase of life. Anybody who is ordering double scoops of different flavoured ice cream is going through some heavy confusion. In hindsight, it sounds like such a great idea—Swiss chocolate and stracciatella, yummy in my tummy! We get so swept up in the moment and the idea that we forget how, sooner or later, the flavours will begin to melt and merge, creating a weird confusing taste altogether. Remember this for always: one is better than two.

Vanilla Dreams

Ah, you have finally reached the end game. You are surprised, but in the most pleasant way possible. After all the years spent on endless flavour tasting, you have somehow unexpectedly landed on vanilla. It suddenly now feels like you never really looked at the vanilla section before. Silently sitting, it always seemed muted, keeping itself in a private corner. Underrated as a flavour, you always figured this isn't your match. Today, though, it hits you differently. There is no giddiness and maybe also no screaming sparks, but it has settled deeply in your heart anyway. It feels cold and warm at the same time, and you feel you have finally found home.

All this ice cream talk has probably left you craving for some of your own preferred flavour now. However, the question remains, are you ready to settle down for vanilla?

Roshni believes as long as you love ice cream, who cares what your flavour is? Meanwhile, let her know your final chosen flavours at


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