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Inside the Holmes home, Sherlock opens up about Enola

Interviewer: Good morning, Mr. Holmes. How's it going?

Sherlock Holmes: Yes. Hello. Good morning. I'm here.

I: ...Er, did we catch you at a bad time, Mr. Holmes?

SH: No. Yes. Well, not so much a specifically bad time rather than just a bad time in general.

I: Should we try this another time then, Mr. Holmes?

SH: No, no. I beg you to not be alarmed. Might as well get this over with. In fact, I'm presuming you might even be aware of my predicament, seeing as you're here in the first place.

I: Oh! You must be talking about the trailer for the new Enola Holmes movie out on Netflix. But, er, why do you call it a "predicament"?

SH: My sister's new movie! Yes, by Jove, this would be grand news indeed and not a predicament in the least, except for the fact that I do not have a sister!

I: ...No kidding?

SH: No, madam, I certainly do not kid under circumstances such as these! I just got the news and don't know who to ask first, that seemingly kind fellow who approached me from that Netflix, or my own mother – either way, someone in my life has a lot to answer for at the moment!

I: Wait, who do you plan on asking first?

SH: Well, I had initially thought of asking my mother but according to my sister she has apparently gone missing so –

I: But Mr. Holmes...

SH: And I have to break the news to Watson too! I still remember how awkward it was the first time I had to tell him I had a brother and one who was as erudite a person as he. Now I'll have to explain to him how I have a sister, one that even I did not know I had – and well, it seems the biggest mystery I have ever had to solve will end up being my own life!

I: Mr. Holmes?

SH: Er, yes?

I: You are aware that the movie is a work of fiction, are you not?

SH: I… excuse me?

I: You said someone from Netflix came to you, what exactly did they explain?   

SH: That there would be a movie where they would hire someone to portray me and, oh…

I: Are you feeling better now, Mr. Holmes?

SH: After comprehending the fact that I do not, in fact, have a long-lost sister who the whole world came to know of before me? Slightly. After remembering that I even remotely considered it as a possibility and acted the way I did upon it? Not quite. Although, I do blame it on my age nowadays.

I: That's quite alright, Mr. Holmes. Have you met people who have portrayed you in the past?

SH: Ah, yes. Robert Downey Jr. seemed like a fine fellow when I met him. And Benedict and I still occasionally correspond. Such a pleasant chap.

I: So can I assume you will be looking forward to this next portrayal too?

SH: I wouldn't go so far as to say that just yet, madam.

I: Okay, Mr. Holmes. I think that'll be all for now.

SH: It was very nice to meet you though.

I: Thank you, Mr. Holmes. You too.

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