An Alternate Moon Song

I've waited for a while now,

But while watching the moon somehow,

I feel and breathe in your air.

Even if its poison,

Like the clouds that trail,

The car you drive home.


To someone, I don't know,

To something that's lasting in value,

To someplace unreal,

To somewhere I can't find you,

But I can hear you there,

Like a knock on the door,

I can never answer.


Because unlike you,

I live where I grew up,

With my vices

And with a few simple choices,

That could change the patterns

Of my dreams and my ambitions.


To the car by my window,

To the pottery I piled on,

To the silent conundrums,

That plague the looming void between our breaths,

I can hear you sing to me,

"Come find me on the moon

While the world splits in two

Right beneath our feet

Heavy hearts and heavy beats."



ফেসবুক যেন জাল নোটের বাজার

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