Annoying fanbases

Many fanbases are so bad at being fans that they might make you, a neutral observer, dislike the object of their fixation before you even know what it is. The worst are highlighted below, and I apologise in advance if you find any similarities with your own actions. I didn't want you to find out like this.



Some books have such an impact on us when we're growing up that they become part of our childhood. Unfortunately some people hold on to their childhoods even after it's over. Others exhume it instead of moving on. Clearly people learned nothing from their favourite scarred protagonist. There are many such book fandoms where people will analyse and discuss the same books again and again. No criticism will be allowed, because an attack on the writing/storytelling of the books is an attack on people's childhoods. Also for some reason they are hell-bent on trying to change characters' love interests/past actions/everything that makes the characters special. Stop it. Get some help.



Please stop. Don't ruin Sonic for the rest of us.



Picture an overly elitist metal fan that sees no salvation but shrieking guitars and power chords. Now think of a rap hype-man who idolises ad-libs. One thing they have is common is that they react in the same way if you try to introduce them to new music. Bad music fans are one step above bad bookworms. Not only are they adamant about obsessing over something, but they are also resistant to change of any sort. A fan of Drake would say punk is just screaming with no real meaning, K-pop fans would diss classical music because of the lack of choreographed dance steps, and no one likes country in general. I'd recommend these people to become more open-minded and welcoming of new sounds and new music, but that would make me a hypocrite. Seriously, which demented freaks actually like country music?



You don't even need to specify a fandom, all fans on YouTube are steaming piles of toxic waste. I'm pretty sure YouTube is where the phrase "Don't read the comments" came from. You wouldn't think people could be this annoying but thankfully YouTube archives have immortalised the toxicity for all to see. It starts simple, such as telling someone to go kill themselves. That's the hate which is common of all internet activity. The more uncommon forms include insulting YouTubers' appearances the way a five-year old would, stating that they are your father, as well as claiming another soul has been taken by Ligma. These people are the reason why people can't have nice things and productive discussions online.



This goes out to all the websites and internet users who break the golden rule of humour – random =/= funny. Reading that, I know one website came to your mind right away. It's okay. I'm sure Tumblr users hate their own humour too.

If you are one of the people mentioned above, please change your ways. Maybe then people will finally want to sit beside you in class, you freaking furry.


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