Good humans love animals: Story of PAW


When the first wolf was fed by a human, it became the first dog. Since then this animal has been helping human as a loyal friend. They helped us in hunting and worked as the most trusted sentinel but in the modern civilisation that job has been replaced by super markets and CCTV cameras. And our most trusted friend got thrown out onto the street.

This touching story was narrated to me by Architect Rakibul Haq Emil, when I first met him. Emil loves animals from the core of his heart and is working for the betterment of abused, neglected and injured animals. His love for animals led him to establish ‘’People for Animal Welfare Foundation’’ in short ‘’PAW Foundation’’ in 2015. In October 2016 his organisation got government recognition.

Emil did his thesis on ‘Animal Hospitality’ while completing his graduation on architecture. During his university years he carried an injured dog home to try and help, but unfortunately the dog could not make it and died. Since then Emil has helped many animals and gave them shelter. At first he helped animals by himself but then some people showed interest in helping him do this. This is what gave him the idea to make an organisation and now PAW Foundation is the country’s 2nd registered organisation for animals. He learned primary treatment from ‘Animal Hospitality’ and when he found any animal was being abused or is injured he always tried to reach out and help the animal with his volunteers.

"Since they are close to people, it is really easy to abuse them and torture them,’’ says Emil, “we are trying to make people aware about this, everyone has love within them for animals and we are just trying to pin point it, such as that animal is like a neighbor to you and you have some responsibility towards them.’’

In the beginning the organisation was financed by Emil himself but these days a few people are donating to help them meet their target. Emil dreams of establishing an animal welfare institution where he wants to run a international standard hospital, diagnostic centre, day-care, physiotherapy centre for animals, veterinary courses and training, research for animal welfare, library.

PAW foundation is currently running a few programs and campaigns to clear the superstition centering animals and to create awareness. This organisation is not only rescuing animals, it is also trying to get them adopted. That people are adopting local breed dogs as personal or community pets in their homes raises hope for their welfare. 


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