Explore the mystical Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is used to hosting tourists from all across the globe, but they have yet to show many Bangladeshis the beauty, diversity and versatility the country has in store. After all, it lies in the heart of Central Asia, and is the prominent cross roads of the Silk Road. At every corner in Uzbekistan, travellers will find facts from history books, and will be able to experience first-hand, the land that is the home to many famous historical sites and Islamic scholars.

The four major cities of Uzbekistan are the real treasurers of the architectural masterpieces of Central Asia. There are more than 4000 architectural sites across Uzbekistan, of which, many are marked as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Tashkent, the capital city of Uzbekistan, is a utopia of the modern world, where modern technology and ancient architectures are integrated in a way that both arts can co-exist harmoniously. They have modern transportation methods and also maintains their stance as one of the most environmentally cautious zones in Asia. Bukhara is a major medieval centre for Islamic theology and culture, and it is nicknamed as the museum city because there are about 140 architectural monuments, each entailing their own unique stories. Samarkand is one of the oldest cities in the entire Central Asia region, and Khiva is the birth place of many great Islamic scholars.

The modern territory of Uzbekistan was conquered many times, and each left a unique mark that entails their diverse culture. The country is fascinating for just about any kind of travellers, from the thrill seekers, adventurers, nature lovers, historians and also people who are seeking to pay homage to religious roots. This is a destination where travellers can explore and find new interests.

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