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12:00 AM, June 13, 2018 / LAST MODIFIED: 01:17 AM, June 13, 2018

In the belly of the beast

Everything in Moscow is imposing. It is perhaps no surprise because it is the capital of the largest country in the world. Imposing though it is, Moscow also offers a world of attractions for visitors. And when it comes to the special honour of covering the World Cup in this gigantic city, Moscow also offers a rich mix of work and recreation.

The City Press Centre, not far away from Red Square and very close to Karl Marx square, is the temporary workstation of travelling journalists during the World Cup. Once you enter the main hall on the first floor, you will be amazed to see the structure built around 200 years ago.

This facility, known as House of Commons Colum Hall, is actually used for conferences and meetings. And, according to a volunteer assisting the reporters, this is the hall where Lenin and Stalin's funerals took place. The metro rail is not only big, but its tunnels are spacious and at places very deep. The stairwell of VDNKh Station is so deep that it seems like a journey to the earth's core.

The Luzhniki Stadium is primarily a brick structure and the statue of Lenin in front of the imposing venue is overwhelmingly enormous. The space museum in the city is another attraction for a tourist. The Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics (Astronautics) in the north-east of the city will give you the impression a rocket on top of a skyscraper is reaching for the moon.

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