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  • Rohan Samarajiva

  • ‘Doing something’ about social media?

    Since some recent terrorist incidents, concerns about the impact of social media have been reverberating throughout the world. Legislators and policy makers are under pressure to “do something,” even without fully understanding the problems and the viable solutions.
  • How to measure progress in e-governance

    It is customary to assess aspects of the performance of a country using composite indices such as the Ease of Doing Business Index or the Network Readiness Index.
  • Is it time for a policy on artificial intelligence?

    Is now the right time for Bangladesh to start addressing artificial intelligence (AI)? Are there more important issues deserving of the attention of policy makers and regulators at this time?
  • Efflorescence of South Asian Sci Fi?

    I have long been a reader of science fiction. Not just for entertainment, but also for insights useful for my research and teaching.