MSc in Data Analytics and Design Thinking for Business

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East Delta University

The modern workplace depends on data, and those with the expertise to manage and analyse an organization's data are in high demand. Creative business design using meaningful data is a rapid evolution that lets companies plan goods, services, and interfaces that interact and communicate with consumers.

To help companies solve today's business issues in new ways, business executives aim to improve their innovative and operational thinking skills. Such a programme was not offered before in our country and to fill this void, EDU came forward with an internationally acclaimed faculty pool and a curriculum that resonates with the global requirements too.

— Sayeed Al Noman Founder Vice-chairman of EDU

Considering these, East Delta University (EDU) started a specialised master's programme titled MSc in Data Analytics and Design Thinking for Business. EDU being a pioneer in regards to offering contemporary degree programmes, has introduced, as the first and only university in Bangladesh, a degree in Data Analytics and Design Thinking.

This degree aims to turn big data into actionable intelligence. It blends the data analytics overview with the necessary skills to design creative and successful business models. This degree allows the learners to focus on data-driven business designs, marketing and human resources management with the appropriate use of data science. Alongside the analytics module, students will study strategic marketing in this digital era and creative HRM practices with extensive use of data science.

The Architect of the programme, the Founder Vice-chairman of EDU Sayeed Al Noman expressed his philosophy regarding this one of a kind programme, "Design has become profoundly crucial in business spheres, and companies are consistently seeking to recognise and optimise the strategic edge that creative design can bring."

There are four modules, including Data Analytics module, Design Thinking for Business module, Creative Design for Marketing and HRM module, and Application of Data Analytics for Business module. Participants will learn to understand and analyse data from the cores, including data design, data handling and decision making, and data visualization and interpretation. It will include a range of business courses linked to business designs for creative thinking and practices.

Dr Debashish Chakraborty, visiting scholar at East Delta University and a Professor of Seton Hill University, USA remarked that, "The importance of design has been constantly increasing over the years. Consumers today have quick access to the global marketplaces. They do not distinguish between physical and digital experiences anymore. To facilitate such necessity in context to Bangladesh, EDU brought this programme to life, gathering motivations from top ranked universities of the world."

Janilin Bappi, currently working in UNDP, became highly interested after learning about this programme. "Data Science has always fascinated me and in my line of work, the proper utilization of data gathered from various sources assists us to make meaningful decisions. I was looking for a master's programme combining technology and business which is the demand of time though there was nothing like this in Bangladesh until EDU launched this, first of its kind, master's programme called MSc in Data Analytics and Design Thinking for Business. I am delighted and cannot wait to start in this programme at EDU", he stated.

The Vice-chancellor Professor M Sikandar Khan stated, "This crafted programme may open a new avenue to materialise the dream of the present government to build a Digital Bangladesh. The University was motivated to offer this one of its kind master's programme considering the dream of the government of Bangladesh, to transform the country from traditional to digital, which requires a group of talented and technology-centric young people who can combine the ideas of business with the latest technology and data science."

EDU authorities declared that applicants and graduates from any backgrounds are eligible for this programme. The unique curriculum mapping of this unconventional programme allows applicants with any undergraduate degree to apply for admissions. The graduates from non-relevant disciplines will also be equipped with necessary techniques from the tailor-made courses. The university authorities are offering a special 70 percent waiver on tuition fees, there is also a special waiver on admission fees. After all these waivers, the programme will cost BDT 167,000. In addition, students can avail up to 100 percent scholarship based on academic merit and work experience.


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