Stars come together at Pran Premium Ghee-Anandadhara


Rahul Ananda, Elita Karim, Oyshee, Pooja Sengupta and Sadi Shahnewaz

Pran Premium Ghee -Anandadhara Pitha Fest is going on at Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel Dhaka.  IGLOO and Prime Bank Limited are the co-sponsors for the event. Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel Dhaka is providing a variety of scrumptious pithas at the fest. Apart from these, there is entertainment for children at the event, including magic shows and bioscope. Celebrity presences are adding more glamour to the fest, so do not miss a chance to meet your favorite stars. Joler Gaan and Pooja Sengupta's Turongomi enthralled the audience yesterday with their performance, and today Elita Karim, Oyshee and Sadi Shahnewaz are performing at the open-air concert at the Pitha Fest in the evening. So come along with your family and friends and enjoy delicious pithas and make your weekend more exciting!


২০ মিনিট আগে|বন্দর

প্রচণ্ড গরমে আয় কমেছে শ্রমিকের, ট্রাক লোড-আনলোডে ধীর গতি

আগে ২০ জন শ্রমিক ৩ ঘণ্টায় একটি ট্রাকের পণ্য আনলোড করতাম। এখন সময় লাগছে ৫ থেকে ৬ ঘণ্টা।