Popular actor Taskeen Rahman-Puja Cherry made a mark in showbiz
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Popular actors Taskeen Rahman and Puja Cherry have made their mark in the showbiz industry with their hit performances, and have garnered bravado from their fans. They are currently working on their first project together. In this interview with Rafi Hossain, the duo opens up about their passion for films and their expectations from love.

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Rafi Hossain: Welcome to Uncensored with Rafi Hossain. Today, we have with us, Taskeen and Puja. Thank you both so much for your time.

Taskeen Rahman and Puja Cherry: Thank you for inviting us, Rafi bhai.

Rafi: Tell us about your new film together.

Taskeen and Puja: Production is nearing completion. There are only small details to address. However, we’re not sure about the release date. There hasn’t been any official statement yet.

Rafi: This is your first film together. Tell us, how have you come to see each other as professionals and colleagues.

Puja: People who have worked with me in the past know that I am a very friendly individual. So, it’s very easy to establish an understanding. That’s why I could work very easily with Taskeen. He is an excellent co-artist, and incredibly helpful.

Taskeen: Before working with Puja, I had heard a lot about her and her work. So, I’ve wanted to work with her at a point in time. I’m very privileged and thankful to be able to work with such a talented artist. She’s extremely dedicated. She does justice to the characters she plays.

Rafi: Have you watched any of Taskeen’s work before?

Puja: Of course, I loved his first film, Dhaka Attack. His acting is superb. He really brought the character to life. We were shooting for Poramon 2 when the film got released. Our whole team watched the film at the cinema hall together.

Rafi: What’s your take on fame?

Puja: I feel extremely lucky that within a very short period of time, I have been able to establish myself in the showbiz industry. There are very few people who can do that. I may not have achieved a lot, but I am very glad that the audience seem to love me. I am very thankful to my Poramon 2 crew for everything. When I was a child star, I would see people approaching my co-stars for pictures and autographs. I used to wish that I would get the same admiration, and now I do.

Taskeen: I receive a lot of love from the audience. I never take it for granted or abuse it. I take all of it as a blessing. However, I like to keep that love at a distance.

Rafi: What do you look for in love, Taskeen?

Taskeen: I want someone who I can spend a lot of time with. That’s how we can build a connection. That connection is missing these days. Everything is very quick and impulsive. Things need to be slowed down.

Rafi: How slow do you want the relationship to be?

Taskeen: Time is not the main factor. If you click, you click. If there is chemistry, one will be able to feel it instantly. Likewise, I will immediately know if there’s no chemistry. I love artistic minds: wild, restless, creative.

Rafi: And Puja, what do you look for in a man?

Puja: I feel that I am still too young for that kind of commitment. Moreover, I want to concentrate on my work right now. But, if we’re talking about marriage, I would marry anyone my family chooses for me. However, whoever I marry, there must be love and understanding in our relationship.

Rafi: Do you think the men of today are not as caring towards their partners?

Puja: I don’t have any experience, thus I can’t comment on it. With the rise of social media, people like to publicly display their affection to the world. I don’t find that genuine. If the love is real, why display it? Same with breakups. I don’t want to fall in love because I don’t want to experience heartbreak.

Rafi: Tell us about your breakups, Taskeen.

Taskeen: I’ve never had an ugly breakup. All of them ended mutually. There is no bad blood or grudges between me and my former girlfriends. However, I tend to not stay in touch with them after breaking up. If I do bump into them, I’ll wish them well politely. Bad breakups negatively affect both the parties. I don’t like to nurture negative feelings.

Rafi: After a breakup, when one party keeps tabs on the other, what do you think this shows?

Taskeen: Both parties are never at the same emotional level. One will always want to work things out. That’s why they might keep tabs. However, it’s always better to let go of things which don’t work out. Even if people get back together, there will always be doubts. It will take a long time and dedication to rebuild what has been lost. Support and understanding are necessary in every form of relationship – be it romantic or platonic.

Rafi: What are your views on this matter, Puja?

Puja: I am yet to fall in love, so I don’t have anything to say on this matter. However, understanding is important in any relationship, be it personal or professional. For example, when we were shooting for Poramon 2, Siam and I managed to build a good understanding; there was a strong connection between us, and the director as well. It made things much easier for us. Understanding is the key.

Rafi: Is it the same for your new film?

Taskeen: Puja is amazing to work with. She’s always cheerful and brings a positive atmosphere on set. The bond between the crew is great, and we are enjoying working together. This is an emotionally charged, action-based film. I absolutely love this project. Offscreen however, we are wild. We are just laughing and having a great time.

Puja: The film may be quite serious, but behind the cameras, we are just the opposite.

Rafi: Do you have any parting message for the readers?

Puja: We’re very grateful for the love and support you have showered on us, and we hope that you’ll continue to do so in the future. Keep watching Bangla films. The true essence of watching films is in theatres. Please keep us in your prayers, and stay well.

Taskeen: Our strength is your love and enthusiasm. We work very hard to take you from your monotonous life for a little while, and entertain you. In return, we want nothing but your love and appreciation. So, please keep loving and supporting us.


Transcribed by Amina Hossain

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