The Disadvantages of Freelancing

The Disadvantages of Freelancing

Freelancing has become quite popular in the modern world thanks to the many benefits it comes with. The thought of working in pajamas, with snacks and coffee on the desk next to a laptop in the comfort of your home has prompted many people to quit their jobs for earning money online. 

Although freelancing may seem to you as a way of pocketing easy cash with complete freedom, it can at times be quite the opposite. With the advantages of better work-life stability, flexible choice of working hours and the option to not go to an office, there are also several factors which may in turn make your life difficult.

No Job Security

There isn't any guaranteed work in freelancing. Work comes in the form of different projects you take from one or multiple clients. You will not be contracted to the client(s), which leads to the possibility that your employer may not continue to work with you once you're done with the project(s). You could go from having a high income one month to being unemployed in the next one. 

Messed Up Routines

Although the flexibility of choosing your work hours may seem enticing, it can also mess up your daily schedules. Permanent jobs have a specific timeframe and you have fixed hours to go to and return from work which helps you maintain a certain level of consistency in life. As a freelancer, you could find yourself working through the night till the sun comes up. 

Unreasonable Clients

You won't find likeable clients as often as you would like. You'll notice that your life will revolve around your client and meeting their demands will be your top priority. In return, they will reward you with surprise late night calls, force you to return from parties to get their work done, and voice their disapproval of your assignments. Furthermore, if you're an office goer or a student who turned to freelancing for some extra cash, your client will most likely not pay any heed to your other responsibilities. Work, classes or even studying for exams will all fall on deaf ears.


Even though permanent office jobs can be quite stressful, you at least get to be in a workplace with colleagues to interact with. Working at home, isolated from the rest of the world can get very lonely and doing it for a long time may take its toll on a person.

Chance of Unequal Compensation 

The prices for projects are set by the employers according to their will which means you could find yourself earning a meager sum for a taxing project. You could even earn a lot for a very small project. Also since you're being paid on a project-basis, the inconsistency in cash flows may hamper you when it comes to paying your bills.

The introduction of freelance into the dense job market has undoubtedly made its mark. It has provided relief to thousands of unemployed job seekers and a way to make extra money for others. Like most things, being a freelancer has its perks as well as a lot of negatives.

Tahmeed Chaudhury is a diehard Liverpool fan and procrastinator who is finding it hard to come up with a catchy blurb. Send him ideas at [email protected]


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