Misconceptions from action movies

It may be safe to say that action movies are liked, even loved, by the majority of the general population. Action movies, when they are well-executed, offer immersive storylines while still retaining the ability to give the viewer an adrenaline rush in the comfort of their own homes. However, I've found that action movies in general give me fun CGI, unrealistic expectations from life, and a bed of lies.

One of the biggest misconceptions I grew up with is the belief that NOS (nitrous oxide) would be a bigger part of reality than it actually is. I would watch high speed races and chases wherein the characters would conveniently push a button and out came this magical bluish flame out of their vehicles. The NOS would allow the drivers to jump across bridges and possibly distort all of time and space itself. Thus my brain was wired to think that I would naturally come across street racing where the vehicles will be coming and going in the blink of an eye. Alas, the closest experience I've had to that would be watching teenagers drifting on a somewhat empty Dhanmondi road in their family-friendly cars.

Additionally, my exposure to action movies has hardwired my brain into thinking that the miraculous gadgets that the protagonists use can exist in real life. Otherwise random and mundane household objects could double as their intended purpose and can also be used to ward off goons out for blood. As a result, a major chunk of my childhood was spent trying to figure out what object would be the deadliest weapon, or trying to find appropriate objects for my stylish death ray that looks like a lipstick. Needless to say, my endeavours have not been successful.

Perhaps the biggest misconception of all would be the belief that life itself is like an action movie. Even the most boring activities seemed like gateways to adventures. My CNG could have been a Transformer, an ordinary tea-stall on the street could be hiding a secret lair, I could be a spy, etc. Everything seemed possible and I felt like I could be special enough to be whisked away to a life of danger and action.

Sadly, I've learnt to accept that life just isn't so unrealistically exciting. I have also grown to accept that there can be adventures and excitement in seemingly mundane lives. However, being cautious of a CNG that could potentially have sentience won't hurt anybody.


Fatima Jahan Ena considers herself to be a chaotically neutral egg with feelings. Fight her at [email protected]


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