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12:00 AM, July 18, 2019 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, July 18, 2019

Monsters of the Forest

It was a rainy afternoon when Rafid and I were looking at the rain and thinking about the things that went wrong in our last film. The two of us along with Sakib, Fariha and Fahim had just shot a film with a famous director over the last few months.

Sakib and Rafid did the camera work, Fahim and I flew the drones and Fariha helped with the editing. Even though we put in most of the work, it was the director who got all the fame. This didn’t seem fair.

So, on that rainy afternoon, I proposed a daring idea: how about we make our own film? Rafid was all for it, immediately saying, “Let’s do it!”

The concept was to show how wild animals survived in the forest by hunting and eating their prey. This was going to be dangerous.

Now we had to discuss things, and come up with a plan. Fariha was the first one with an objection, “I will go to the forest with you guys, but nowhere near the crazy animals!” Fahim was on board, as usual, but he always packed way too big, so we made him promise not to pack excessively, no canned nuts or juice boxes.

As we had planned, after a week, we drove into the jungle and all of us were very excited to begin making our own film! Fariha was driving and since we were preoccupied with our brand new drones, no one noticed the huge puddle of mud ahead.

Sure enough, our Jeep ended up stuck in the mud. Initially we were pretty annoyed, until we heard a loud roar in the distance. We were immediately frozen in shock. I didn’t know what it was, and honestly, I didn’t want to. With our wheels stuck, and mud slowly seeping in, we were doomed.

We all got out quickly and Fariha spotted a huge tree surrounded by rocks. She ran there, collected some of the rocks, and put them under the front left wheel to stop the Jeep from sinking.

Rafid, Fahim, and I started to help her and did the same to the other three wheels, while Sakib kept a look out.  

Now, we had to pull the Jeep out of the mud. I had lost all hope, but the others still kept trying.  After a while, even they gave up. Suddenly, we heard the loud roar again, this time closer!

We finally abandoned the Jeep and started walking towards a more open space. But the creature roared again, this time from right behind us! I turned around, and I couldn’t believe what I saw. I just stood there, frozen to the spot, while the others dashed through the forest.

Fahim noticed, and immediately ran back and dragged me along with him, till I began running on my own. The others were way ahead of us. The size of the creature made us look like Lego figures running around.

I looked back again and finally realized what it was. A sabre-toothed-tiger, an animal known to be extinct. We were running for our lives, and I doubted our chances of survival, when suddenly, the beast disappeared.

We continued to run and after a few minutes, we found ourselves standing underneath a huge cliff. Just as I was about to relax, I noticed the saber-tooth crouching overhead!

Luckily, Sakib had thought to send out a distress call. We were feeling pretty helpless when a truck pulled up in front of us. We quickly got in and drove away from the saber. The driver explained that he had received Sakib’s message and had tracked our phones to the location.

Even though we had lost all our equipment, we were just happy to be alive!

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