Barishal people facing mobile internet disruption since 10am

mobile internet user in bangladesh 15 crore

Mobile phone users in Barishal City Corporation have claimed that they are facing disruption in getting internet services since 10am today where a rally of Bangladesh Nationalist Party kicked off at 11am.

Sources in the telecom operators said the telecom regulator, Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC), has directed them to shut down 3G and 4G data services in Barishal City corporation from 10am to 8pm today.

The 3G and 4G technologies provide mobile internet services while 2G voice calls.

However, 2G service is kept operational, enabling the users in that area to make voice calls.

Although Barishal is almost cut off from the rest of the country, BNP leaders and activists kept pouring into the divisional city for the second straight day to join today's rally.

Earlier, the mobile internet users faced disruption in getting services for around 5 hours in Khulna City corporation area during the BNP rally on October 22.


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