Power transmission line from Payra to Patuakhali on cards

Ecnec okays eight projects worth Tk 12,550cr

The government plans to construct a transmission line from Payra to Patuakhali to start supplying power to a 1,320MW coal-based power plant in Payra deep seaport area by 2018.

The Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (Ecnec) approved a Tk 336 crore project yesterday for the construction of the 230 KV transmission line.

The North West Power Generation Co with joint collaboration with China will build the power plant.

The government's target is to complete construction of the two-unit power plant by 2019 and start supplying power from a unit by October 2018.

The Ecnec meeting chaired by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday approved a total of eight projects at a total cost of Tk 12,550 crore.

Another project for the development of the second phase of Anannya Residential Area in Chittagong will be implemented with Tk 2,833 crore.

Under the project, 2,825 residential plots will be built on a 419-acre land in Chittagong. Some of the plots will be of 4-katha and some others 5-katha.

In the project, there will be 110 commercial plots in the residential area where market, office, community hall, medical college, university and theme parks will be built.

Ecnec also approved the Local Government Support Project-3 at a cost of Tk 5,535 crore where Tk 2,382 crore will come from the World Bank.

Under the project, municipality and unions will be provided with a lump sum allocation for development work.

The government earlier implemented two projects to increase capacity of the local government institutions, according to the planning ministry. The new project has been taken in continuation of the two projects.


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