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Watermelon farmers getting good yields, prices

Watermelon farmers in southern Bangladesh are pleased to be getting bumper yields and prices early this season as their produce can now reach markets all over the country thanks to the improved connectivity provided by Padma Bridge.

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Chars in Bhola a hub for dried fish makers

Huge quantities of dried fish are produced each year in Charfesson and Manpura upazilas of Bhola, where at least 10,000 marginalised people are involved in this business worth around Tk 100 crore annually.

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Rise in diarrhoea cases in Barishal ‘not alarming’

The diarrhoea situation has rapidly worsened in Barishal division recently. However, the health department said this is quite common for summer every year, and “the situation is not alarming”..According to the Barisal Divisional Health Office, about 10,000 diarrhoea patients have been trea

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10,000 floating people in Barishal deprived of education

Only a few of them have the basic life skill of counting money

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Pumpkin farming spreading in Barishal’s chars

Pumpkin has become the most favoured crop among farmers based along the Arial Kha river in Barishal as the popular variety of winter squash brings better returns compared to other crops.

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Cold taking a toll on children

Childhood pneumonia cases and deaths have increased around the country amidst the ongoing cold wave.  Pabna and Barishal are no exceptions.

The more the obstacles, the bigger the rally

As tens of thousands of BNP supporters defied all odds and joined the rally in Barishal yesterday, the party asked them to unite and fight against the “illegal regime” to save the country.

BNP divisional rally: Thousands flock to Barishal defying strike

Although Barishal is almost cut off from the rest of the country, BNP leaders and activists kept pouring into the divisional city for the second straight day yesterday to join today’s rally.

Mother died, youth in Barishal “will walk 30 miles if needed”

Commuters of Barishal have been in misery since this morning (November 4, 2022) as communication of the district with other parts of the country was cut off due to the two-day transport strike ahead of BNP's divisional rally tomorrow.

Barishal city almost cut off ahead of BNP rally

Barishal is now almost cut off from the other districts as two-day transport strikes begin today ahead of the BNP’s rally in the divisional city tomorrow.

AL shows strength as BNP's Nov 5 Barishal rally nears

There is a great deal of tension over the BNP’s rally in Barishal as the local Awami League men started staging showdowns ahead of the pre-scheduled event.

BNP Barishal Rally: Permit stuck in mess over venue name

Complications have arisen over the BNP's seeking permission for its November-5 rally venue in Barishal city, as the party did not use the venue’s official name.

"Sitrang creates favorable condition for hilsa breeding"

Hilsa experts have said that cyclone Sitrang has created a safe environment for the propagation of the fish even though it has caused heavy destruction in the coastal areas.

Growing supply tamps down hog plum prices

If you travel through the canals of southern Barishal, particularly those in the Pirojpur and Jhalkathi districts, you will see hog plum fields on either side with trawlers and trucks filled with the fruit passing alongside.

Good catch plunges hilsa prices despite high export

The price of hilsa has decreased by around 10 percent in Barishal markets due to higher than usual supply of the fish netted from the Bay of Bengal and various rivers.

Padma Bridge opens door to opportunities

The dream of establishing road connectivity between the southwestern part of Bangladesh and the capital city came true after the opening of long-waited Padma Bridge in June.

Afra yet to know that her father’s no more

Five-year-old Afra still doesn’t know that her father has passed. She knows he is in Dhaka. However, she was surprised to see such a crowd at her residence, Abul Kashem, her uncle told The Daily Star.

Violence in Bhola: Police file cases against 600 unnamed

At least 675 people have been accused in two cases filed over Bhola clashes that left one BNP activist dead and scores injured.

Barishal launch services see passenger rebound before Eid

Use of launch services in Barishal declined by up to 50 per cent in the first seven days after Padma Bridge was inaugurated but the situation has since changed thanks to an onrush of Eid home-goers.

Padma Bridge breathes hope into southern farmers

Farmers and traders of agricultural products in Barishal, Jhalakathi and Pirojpur are counting the days until June 25, when Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will officially open Padma Bridge, as the resulting increase in connectivity will ensure better prices for their produce.

Dredging of 7 Canals: BCC, WDB at loggerheads

A conflict has arisen between two government agencies over re-excavation of seven important canals flowing through Barishal city, postponing the work.

‘Reckless driving’ claims 10 lives

Ten people, including a nine-year-old, died and 25 others were seriously injured as a bus of Jamuna Line Transport crashed into a tree in Sanuhar area of Ujirpur, Barishal, in the early morning yesterday.

Barishal’s karate kids "want improved infrastructure"

Lokman Hossain has been involved in karate training for more than three long decades now. In the meantime, gold, silver and bronze medals at the national levels have been the result of his hard work and dedication.

Left unused years after construction

It has been three years since two constructed surface-water treatment plants were handed over to the relevant authority in Barishal, but the plants are still not operational.

Mother, daughter drown as boat sinks 

A woman and her daughter were killed as a boat sank in the Gazaria river in Barishal’s Mehendiganj upazila yesterday noon.

Slow decline of 100-yr-old craft

There’s a small neighbourhood around 10 kilometres away from Barishal city, which is popularly known as “Tal pakha village”.

Barishal farmers bet on watermelon

Farmers in Barishal division have bet on watermelon cultivation to help overcome the economic challenges brought on by Covid-19, such as losses incurred in growing other crops, as they are getting good prices this season.

Same trend, every year

It’s been a week since the two-month ban on fishing in six hilsha sanctuaries, the government’s Vulnerable Group Feeding (VGF) rice aid is yet to reach the fishermen families in Barishal. 

2-month restriction on hilsa fishing starts tomorrow

A two-month ban on netting, selling and transporting hilsa in six sanctuaries is set to start tomorrow.

Timber trade in Nesarabad sees Tk 1,000cr annual sales

The timber trade that has been running on the banks of the Sandhya river in Nesarabad upazila of Pirojpur for decades has emerged as the largest hub for woods in Bangladesh.

Lawmaker out to evict Hindu families

A ruling party lawmaker, who was accused of occupying the land of a martyred intellectual’s family in Barishal around three weeks ago, is now allegedly trying to evict around a dozen minority families from their ancestral land.

‘At least give us the bodies’

One month after the MV Abhijan-10 launch fire tragedy, relatives of those who went missing are yet to find their bodies.

Luxury boats with ludicrous fire safety

Dozens of luxury launches are carrying hundreds of passengers without adequate fire safety equipment, industry insiders said.

Victory day today: A mother’s doors never shut

For the last 50 years, Kulsum Begum has been leaving the front door open for her son to come home.

Resilience in captivity

“Make Pakistan army look strong, make Muktis look weak and defeated.”

The legend of Ranajit Gharai

“At 71, I spend my time sitting with the village youth and helping  them solve their financial issues. I take a dip in the pond every day,  to maintain discipline in my life,” said Ranajit Gharai, freedom fighter  turned agri-entrepreneur, summing up his lifestyle and personality.

A resilient spirit, unrecognised

Monowara Begum does not know her exact date of birth. All she can recall is that she was a seventh-grader during the Liberation War.

Yet to come into being in 4 years

Although four years have passed since the inauguration of Sheikh Russel Memorial Children’s Park in Bakerganj upazila of Barishal, the site development work is yet to begin.

Erasing the silhouettes of Barishal’s first hospital

Established in 1910 with the donations of locals, six old buildings of the first public hospital of Barishal division are en route to being torn down.

Record number of hilsa lays eggs in 22 days

A total of 51.7 percent of mother hilsa have laid eggs in rivers and estuaries of the country -- which is the highest ever.

Highest number of hilsa laid eggs during 22-day ban on fishing

A total of 51.7 percent mother hilsa have laid eggs in rivers and estuaries of the country - which is the highest ever.

Heyday for Barishal’s potters as Covid recedes

Most people living in Maheshpur village in Bakerganj upazila of Barishal are involved in the pottery making business.

Payra bridge to boost trade, tourism

The long awaited Payra bridge, which will facilitate road transport between a seaport and popular tourist destinations nearby, is finally nearing completion a good five years after its original due date.

Hilsa prices soar while export cheap

Hilsa has become pricier since export of the national fish to India commenced last week.

Barishal AL, admin at odds

The local administration and the ruling Awami League men in Barishal appear to be at loggerheads following the violence in front of Barishal Sadar UNO’s office which left around 50 people injured on Wednesday night.

Still carrying a bullet

‘This is one of the bullets that came out of my body,” Lalit Das offered the rusty object for this correspondent to inspect. “I was hit with 11 bullets -- six on my left leg, two on the right, two on the right arm, while my abdomen took the other.”

Mehendiganj Killings: 4 lives lost to bloody rivalry

Four killings in 10 days -- first two on April 11 and then again on April 20.

Mounting Pressure of Covid-19 Patients: SBMCH urges Barishal citizens to volunteer

The Barishal District Coronavirus Prevention Committee and Sher-e-Bangla Medical College Hospital (SBMCH) authorities have called upon Barishal citizens to volunteer at SBMCH to help with the hospital’s Covid-19 efforts.

May 24, 2021
May 24, 2021

Barishal launch owners demand cash incentive

Business leaders and trade bodies in Barishal have urged the government to ensure adequate support for them in the upcoming national budget such that they can survive the Covid-19 fallouts.

May 23, 2021
May 23, 2021

CCU at Sher-e-Bangla Medical College Hospital in disarray

The Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) of Barishal Sher-e-Bangla Medical College Hospital (SBMCH) is not in operational condition. Its only angiogram machine is not working, and all its air conditioners are out of order, which means the unit is barely functioning.

May 21, 2021
May 21, 2021

AL factional clash leaves two dead

Two men were killed and at least 10 more injured in a clash between two groups of the ruling Awami League in Barishal’s Mehendiganj upazila.

May 12, 2021
May 12, 2021

Khulna, Barishal traders pleased by customer turnout

Like other parts of the country, shops in the Khulna and Barishal divisions have become inundated with customers ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr, the biggest religious festival in Bangladesh.

May 12, 2021
May 12, 2021

Barishal’s vaccine stock to run out in nine days: officials

The stock of vaccines in Barishal division is running out quickly. According to Barishal Divisional Health Office, the vaccines would get used up in the next nine days only.

May 12, 2021
May 12, 2021

Barishal’s vaccine stock to run out in nine days: officials

The stock of vaccines in Barishal division is running out quickly. According to Barishal Divisional Health Office, the vaccines would get used up in the next nine days only.

May 11, 2021
May 11, 2021

Danger not over yet

Although the number of diarrhoea patients in Barishal division has decreased, officials said the threat is far from being over.

May 5, 2021
May 5, 2021

Charbaria massacre, never to be forgotten

By the time April of 1971 was coming to an end, the Pakistan army started to form an idea of Barishal as a bastion of freedom fighters. The onslaught first began on the 18th of that month. They attacked Barishal city with a barrage of bombs.

April 30, 2021
April 30, 2021

Two-month fishing ban on hilsa sanctuaries end tonight

The two-month ban on fishing at six hilsa sanctuaries is going to end today (Friday) at midnight.

April 25, 2021
April 25, 2021

‘Biggest triumph of my life’

“This is the biggest triumph of my life,” said Ziaul Hassan, who was over the moon after successfully taking his ailing mother to the hospital on his