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  • Sushanta Ghosh

  • Fish markets in Barishal sit idle

    Anglers and fisheries officials have reported a decrease in the number of fish caught from Barishal’s rivers, though for different reasons according to each party. As a result, supply of local fish to major fish markets has come down noticeably.
  • Absence of top officials slowing down BCC

    At a time when the entire country is trying to cope with financial difficulties, things are getting tight for around 700 officials of Barishal City Corporation (BCC) -- but it is not simply due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Launch owners not worried over Padma bridge opening

    Launch operators in the country’s waterway-dependent southern region think the completion of Padma bridge will have little impact on their business.
  • Three-hour transport chaos to file a case!

    Supporters of a ward-level ruling party leader in Barishal on Wednesday night blocked a highway, shut down bus and launch services for over three hours.
  • Barishal’s BSCIC industrial city counts the cost of neglect

    The Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation’s (BSCIC) industrial city in Barishal is yet to utilise its full potential due to a lack of infrastructural facilities.