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  • Shamma

  • FLIP

    Sohel heaved a sigh of relief. He had managed to get to the bus stop just in time to hop onto the university bus. He managed to catch the bus at 7:40 in the morning. He had barely made it in time, plus he was lucky that the bus was late today.
  • The Tree

    She looked on confused. She did not know what she was looking at, but she could tell that her eyes were not playing tricks on her. This was not the real world. But she questioned herself how she got here.
  • If Only

    He laid there in bed. Motionless and numb. His eyes stared at the ceiling, but his mind was elsewhere. How long might he have been lying there? A few minutes? A couple of hours? Days? No it couldn't have been days, but why does it feel like he has been there for days?