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  • Sarwar Morshed

  • The Story of Stories

    Once an inquisitive reader asked me, “Could you please tell me where do the fiction-writers get so many stories from?”
  • Aha, Lakshmindar!

    When I pushed the calling bell of my Fupi’s (father’s sister) flat, a bewitching beauty opened the door. She possessed love-at-first sight charms. Beauty-struck, I gawked at her.
  • Adieu, Perpetual Migrant!

    The virtuoso with the pen Rizia Rahman has ended her terrestrial sojourn on 16th August, just a few months shy of entering her octogenarian phase. A prolific writer treading most of the domains of creative writing, she has left an indelible personal mark on our literary landscape.
  • Breaking News and the Food Chain

    In the morning when I grabbed the newspaper, the banner headline arrested my attention – “Poor Poland surrenders to the mighty Nazis.” I started to peruse. While I was going through the breaking news, all on a sudden, a spider distracted me. Surreptitiously, it