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  • The old man and the labyrinth of books

    But what do you gain by giving? It teetered, the question, like a teacup on legs performing a balancing act, on the tip of my tongue, but—to my credit, to my utmost credit—I did not say it. Instead, I asked, gesturing to the brilliantly untidy pile of books, “Why give these away? And at so low a price?”
  • The bittersweet magic of “Spirited Away”

    I was nine, perhaps eight. In a darkened room where a small television set glowed and sang, I trembled with the knowledge that I was the only person who had ever felt these things. That isn't entirely true, of course, but in my imagination, it had seemed just as good.
  • An unlikely find

    A medieval French village in Malaysia
  • There will come soft rains

    It begins with a listless thought, brushed aside. What does a heartbeat sound like, you wonder. Brush, aside.