Md. Mahabub Ul Alam Khan

The writer is a student of law at Daffodil International University.

Steps involved in registering copyright

Copyright refers to a bulk of exclusive rights of the author or creator of any literature, dramatic, artistic, and musical works, cinematographic and different recordings, etc. Copyright can be identified with the help of the copyright sign, 'C' enclosed in a circle. To protect the rights of copyright in Bangladesh introduced by the Copyright Act 2000, the following steps are to be followed in order to register copyright. 

Traffic Jam: The Riddle to Be Solved

One of the ugliest sides of a city is traffic jam and Dhaka city is in its ugliest shape in recent times.

Human trafficking

Human trafficking is increasing in an alarming rate now-a-days in Bangladesh as well as in South Asia.

Agonising condition of our migrant workers

International Migrant Workers Rights Day is globally observed on 18 December. Migration is an impactful term drawing increasing attention across the world.